Uber Eats is coming to Halifax.  It has rolled out a massive ad campaign to get drivers to sign up to deliver for local food outlets. It is also holding numerous information sessions at Dalhousie University to find new “delivery partners.”

Rick Howe who constantly pushes the “need” for Uber is of course congratulating the Uber Eats while of course foolishly suggesting to his radio audience that Halifax needs Uber.

Thankfully the current Halifax by-laws do not allow Uber to operate because in order to comply with the law each driver must be licensed by HRM as a taxi / limo driver in order to drive in Halifax and pickup passengers for profit.

“We met with Uber when they first arrived in Halifax to explain the rules and regulations with respect to taxi and limousine services,” said Tiffany Chase, a spokeswoman for Halifax Regional Municipality, in an email. “If Uber does begin service delivery in Halifax, they will be required to use municipally-licensed drivers and vehicles.”

But this doesn’t mean that won’t change.  Uber has a notorious reputation for lobbying lawmakers to worm their way into markets. “Researchers found that the number of lobbyists deployed in 2016 exceeded Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart’s combined.” 




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