A concerned driver in the efforts to protect the industry he works in created Driver’s Voice.

The idea is to provide a platform of communication that is open only to licensed professional Taxi and Limo drivers for the purpose of unity and strength.

But is it too little too late?  The push is on for Uber and despite this free platform drivers still have not caught on to its usefulness and value.  Those being:

  • A meeting communication platform to discuss concerns in the industry and the opportunity to mobilize action on those concerns.  IE Bylaws, Regulations, Uber, Illegal Rideshare, Security concerns etc.
  • A platform for drivers to sell their vehicles, rent their roof-lights.
  • A platform to share experiences, offer advice and guidance to one another.

It’s free to use and yet driver’s still prove to just complain rather than utilize and support the efforts to strengthen and protect the local taxi / limousine industry.  The website requires users in order for it to be useful. Please use it.


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