Canadian Sexual Assaults:

In April of this year, officers responded to a call at 2 a.m., near Bloor St. W. and. Madison Ave., after a woman ordered an Uber and picked up by a driver who was not assigned to her request. She alleges she was driven to a secluded area and sexually assaulted.
Nov. 23, 2018 – Toronto police charge Uber driver in series of sexual assaults

A terrified teenager surreptitiously texted her mom for help as a Lyft ridesharing driver allegedly turned off his tracking system, groped her and sped down the highway refusing to take her home. “I’m scared,” the 18-year-old from Hamilton texted to her mom, who immediately phoned 911.
May 11, 2018 – ‘I was afraid I was going to be raped’: Lyft driver charged with sex assault of teen

Waterloo Regional Police received a report at about 4:30 a.m. about a woman who was sexually assaulted in the area of University Avenue and Marsland Drive. The woman requested an Uber to take her to a location and, once there, she reported that she was sexually assaulted by the driver. The victim was able to get free and run to safety. She was treated in hospital for injuries sustained during the incident.
February 6, 2018 – Waterloo Uber driver charged after alleged sexual assault

A 26-year-old man is facing charges after a 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted while taking an Uber in the downtown area.
January 29, 2018 – Uber driver charged after 20-year-old woman sexually assaulted downtown 

Police allege a man, posing as an Uber driver, sexually assaulted a female passenger on Friday, then drove her to an ATM and forced her to take out cash for him.
May 14, 2018 – Ottawa man who allegedly impersonated an Uber driver facing sexual assault charges

Uber driver charged with four counts of sexual assault and three counts of assault. He lost his job as an Uber driver after he was charged with assault, and went on to pose as one as he preyed on women in the ByWard Market, police claim.
June 7, 2018 – Fake Uber driver accused of sexual assault released on bail

Toronto police say a driver with the ride-hailing service Uber has been charged with sexual assault. Police say a woman was picked up in the city’s northeast and, during the ride, the driver stopped in a secluded area. They allege he then got into the back seat with the woman and sexually assaulted her.
Feb 14, 2017 – Uber driver charged in Toronto sex assault

According to a release sent out by Ottawa police at the time of the arrest, Khreis, 37, would wait for women who appeared intoxicated to emerge from bars and restaurants and tell them he was an Uber driver, usually in the Byward Market. Ottawa police also said he would use a card skimmer to get the information on the women’s credit cards such as their pins. He would then withdraw large amounts of cash from an ATM, police said. In some cases, he would also sexually assault the victims, police said.
October 23, 2018 – Fake Uber driver pleads guilty to sexual assault and fraud 

He’s alleged to have threatened, forcibly confined and sexually assaulted a woman near University Avenue and Marsland Drive last week. He had been the woman’s Uber driver.
February 8, 2018 – Uber driver charged with sexual assault released on bail

A Toronto Uber driver is facing charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a teen in a vehicle he was driving for the ride-hailing service. Police say an Uber driver has been charged with raping a passenger he picked up at a casino and who became unconscious in the car.
November 2, 2018 – Uber driver charged with raping unconscious woman: Cops 

A 33-year-old Toronto man has been charged after being accused of posing as an Uber driver and sexually assaulting a passenger.
August 22, 2017 – Man charged in Toronto sex assault posed as Uber driver: police

Toronto police say the alleged incident took place in January when a 15-year-old girl took an Uber ride from a bus station in the city’s downtown core. Police allege she was sexually assaulted before being dropped off at her destination.
May 31, 2017 –  Uber driver facing sex assault charge

18-year-old woman in Toronto claims driver refused to allow her to leave the car and attempted to take her to a private location
23 May, 2017 – Uber driver charged with kidnapping female passenger in Canada

Erika Szabo alleges her Uber driver told her she could not pay for the ride if her phone was off, and asked for sexual favours as a substitute.
Her Facebook Post
Oct 20, 2016 – CBC: Woman ‘humiliated’ after Uber driver allegedly offered to accept sex as payment

Toronto police say a 19-year-old woman ordered a ride around 1 a.m. on Saturday. They allege a man picked her up and sexually assaulted her during the ride.
Dec 13, 2016 – Uber driver charged with sexual assault in Toronto

A man driving for the popular ride-hailing company Uber has been charged with sexual assault after an alleged attack on a passenger. Police say the driver took the woman to a parking lot in nearby Markham where she was allegedly sexually assaulted.
April 27, 2016 – Toronto-area Uber driver removed from service after being charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger

The boy, who is under 16, reported the incident hours after it occurred around 12:10 a.m. May 29, Durham police said.  It’s alleged the driver, who picked the youth up on Lakeview Park Avenue, engaged the victim in  conversation before touching his genitals. The driver then stopped the car and sexually assaulted the youth, police said.
Jun 15, 2016 – Uber driver charged with sexual assault on youth in Oshawa

Just by using the app, you click away your rights. Now some victims are fighting for change.
How Uber Silences Women After Sexual Assaults

More Sexual Assaults in the US:

A CNN investigation has found at least 103 Uber drivers in the U.S. who have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years. The drivers were arrested, are wanted by police, or have been named in civil suits related to the incidents. At least 31 drivers have been convicted for crimes ranging from forcible touching and false imprisonment to rape, and dozens of criminal and civil cases are pending, CNN found.April 30, 2018 – CNN investigation: 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse

Lyft Driver in Bismarck, North Dakota Accused of Sexual Assault of Passenger (8/25/18)

Springfield, Missouri Man Posed as Ride-Sharing Driver, Assaulted Women (8/22/18)

Warren, Rhode Island Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault (8/17/18)

Ride-Hailing Driver Sexually Assaults San Mateo, California Woman, Police Say (8/16/18)

Providence, Rhode Island Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault of Brown Student (8/2/18)

Gainesville, Virginia Woman Allegedly was Raped after Using Lyft; Driver Charged, Police Say (7/18/18)

Esplanade Serial Rapist, Former Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver, Sentenced To 18 Years (7/18/18)

Suspected ‘Ride-Share Rapist’ Charged in Assaults on 4 Women in San Francisco, California (7/16/18)

Bridgeport, Conneticut Uber driver gets probation on sex, assault charges (7/16/18)

Union City, California Police Arrest Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Ride Share Passenger (7/14/18)

A San Mateo, California Lyft Driver Who Allegedly Raped At Least 4 Women After Posing As Their Ride-Hail Driver Has Been Arrested (7/13/18)

Pismo Beach, California Tourist Shaken After Indecent Exposure by Uber Driver (7/12/18)

Man Accused of Raping Uber Driver Outside Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina Faces Judge (7/5/18)

Uber driver charged with trying to forcibly touch passenger in Westchester, New York (7/3/18)

West Palm Beach, Florida Uber Driver Guilty of Sexual Battery Sentenced to 22 Years (6/13/18)

Marysville, Ohio Uber Driver Facing Rape Charges (6/1/18)

Police Called to Scene of Alleged Sexual Assault by Uber Driver in West Hollywood, California (5/26/18)

Lyft Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault in Oakland, California (5/16/18)

Uber Driver Fired After Video Shows Him Demanding Sex From Passenger (5/23/18)

Bayonne, New York Uber Driver Charged with Touching Teen in ‘Sexual Manner’ During Ride (5/22/18)

Oakville, Canada Lyft Driver Charged With Sexual Assault Of Teen (5/11/18)

Seattle, Washington Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Exposed Himself to Passenger (5/10/18)

Police: Lyft Driver in Pontiac, Michigan Offered Passenger $1000 For Sex Then Sexually Assaulted Her When She Refused (4/3/18)

Uber Driver Wanted on Sex Assault Charges in Hutchins, Texas (4/21/18)

Quincy, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged with Rape of Passenger Posted Bail, Fled the Country (4/17/18)

New Delhi, India Uber Driver Arrested For Masturbating While Ferrying 40-Year-Old Woman Passenger (4/15/18)

London, England Uber Driver Convicted of Raping Passenger (4/7/18)

Orlando, Florida Woman Sues Lyft After DNA Links Driver to Sex Assault (3/30/18)

Uber Driver Accused of Raping Drunk Passenger In Boston, Massachusetts (3/18/18)

Lyft Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Passenger In Milwaukee, Wisconsin (3/7/18)

Police Accuse Lincoln, Nebraska Uber Driver of Groping Customer During Trip (3/4/18)

Man With Uber Sticker on Vehicle Sought For Sexual Assault of Teenager in Manhattan Beach, California (3/3/18)

Uber Driver Jailed For Groping Teenage Girl In London, England (2/19/18)

Uber Driver Charged In Sexual Assault Of Woman in Boynton Beach, Florida (2/9/18)

San Antonio, Texas Woman Sues Uber After Alleged Rape (2/8/18)

Medford, New York Uber Driver Charged With Rape (2/8/18)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger in Waterloo, Canada (2/5/18)

Uber Driver in Manilla, Philippines Arrested For Sexually Harassing Passenger (2/5/18)

Monroe Park, Virginia Woman Reports Uber Drive Sexually Assaulted Her on VCU Campus (2/4/18)

Toronto, Canada Uber Driver Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman (1/29/18)

Singapore Uber Driver Arrested for Molesting Passengers (1/26/18)

San Luis Obispo, California Uber Driver Arrested for Four Sexual Assaults (1/22/18)

Perth, Australia Uber Driver is Facing Sexual Assault Charges After a Woman was Allegedly Attacked During a Ride (1/8/18)

Sterling, Virginia Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault (1/4/18)

Memphis, Tennessee Uber Driver Allegedly Forced Passenger To Kiss Him (12/18/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Uber Driver Charged in Sexual Assault of 16-Year-Old Girl (12/14/17)

Uber Driver Exposed Himself To Passenger In Garden City, New York, Police Say (12/12/17)

Ride-Hail Driver Wanted For Washington, DC Sexual Assault (12/11/17)

77-Year-Old Fort Worth, Texas Woman Claiming Assault Files Suit Against Uber (12/8/17)

Orlando, Florida Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger (12/8/2017)

Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged With Raping, Kidnapping Passenger (11/30/17)

Fitchburg, Wisconsin Uber Driver Charged With Beating and Raping Passenger (11/30/17)

Manassas City, Virginia Uber Drive Allegedly Rapes Passenger (11/28/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Woman at American University in Washington, D.C. (11/20/17)

San Francisco, California Woman Sues Uber Alleging Driver Raped Her (11/16/17)

Toledo, Ohio Uber Driver Admits to Forcing Passenger to Take Shots, Kissing Her  (11/15/17)

Omaha, Nebraska Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver (11/12/17)

Raleigh, North Carolina Student Says Uber Driver Fondled Her (11/1/17)

Alleged Sexual Assault by San Antonio, Texas Uber Driver (10/23/17)

Kondapur, India Uber Driver Held For Sexually Harassing Passenger (10/22/17)

Davie, Florida Uber Driver Forced Teen To Perform Oral Sex, Police Say (10/20/17)

Lawsuit: Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted, Harassed Chicago, Illinois Woman (10/19/17)

Cops: Pittsburgh Uber Driver Kidnapped, Fondled Female Rider (10/17/17)

Lafayette, Louisiana Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger After Forcing His Way Into Home (10/1/17)

13 Reported Uber ‘sex Attacks’ since 2015 in England Outside of London (10/1/17)

Southport, Australia Uber Driver Denied Bail on Rape Charges (9/30/17)

Uber Driver Charged With Assaulting Middletown, Rhode Island Woman (9/26/17)

Report: Former Lyft Driver Accused of Raping Zionsville, Indiana Woman (9/23/17)

Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Warn Ride-Share App Users After Four Reported Assaults (9/23/17)

Lawsuit Claims Uber Driver Talked to San Francisco, California Teen Rider about Her Virginity, His Erection (9/22/17)

Morgantown, West Virginia Lyft Driver Charged with Sexual Assault (9/21/17)

Police Investigate Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver for Alleged Sexual Assault (9/20/17)

Morgantown, West Virginia Uber Driver Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault (9/18/17)

Seattle, Washington Police: Uber Driver Allegedly Groped Passenger (9/15/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Raping Kent, Washington Woman (9/15/17)

Fourth Brisbane, Australia Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault Since July (9/11/17)

Detroit, Michigan Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger in Police Custody (9/8/17)

Singapore Uber Driver Who Molested Woman Gets Probation (9/5/17)

After Alleged Sexual Assault by Her Uber Driver in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazilian Activist Launches Online Campaign (9/1/17)

Lawsuit Against Lyft Following Alleged Rape in Cardiff, California (8/28/17)

Ex-Uber Driver Admits Raping More than a Dozen Women and Girls Near El Cajon, California (8/22/17)

London, England Uber Driver Accused of Raping a Passenger ‘Freaked Out’ When She Told Him She ‘Had HIV’, Court Hears (8/22/17)

Chicago, Illinois Uber Driver Locked Passenger in Vehicle, Demanded Sex, Authorities Say (8/19/17)

Uber Driver in New York City Allegedly Rapes Unconscious Passenger in His Home after She Falls Asleep in His Car (8/18/17)

Former Uber Driver Admits to Exposing Himself to Multiple Young Girls in Malden, Massachusetts (8/16/17)

Former Uber Driver Accused of Raping Sleeping Passenger in Tulsa, Oklahoma (8/16/17)

Police: Third Woman In Brisbane, Australia Sexually Assaulted by an Uber Driver Since July, Cases Unrelated (8/9/17)

San Diego Police Investigate Claim That Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulted Woman (8/4/17)

Police: Ride Hail Driver Repeatedly Raped Woman in Seattle, Washington (8/2/17)

How Safe Is Your Uber? Growing Concern as Police Figures Suggest Company’s Drivers Are Linked to One Sex Attack in London per Week (7/28/17)

Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Kidnapped, Zip-Tied And Raped Passenger, Prosecutors Say (7/24/17)

Chattanooga, Tennessee Uber Kept Accused Driver, Then He Abused 2nd Woman (7/22/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Raping Teenage Girl in Brisbane, Australia (7/14/17)

Uber Driver Arrested Over Sexual Assault Allegation in York, England (7/12/17)

Uber Driver Held for Raping a Woman in Ghaziabad, India (7/9/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault in Brisbane, Australia (7/7/17)

San Antonio, Texas Woman Passenger Sues Lyft, Driver Accused of Rape (7/6/17)

Uber Driver Wanted for Sexual Assault in Hyattsville, Maryland (7/6/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Young Female Passenger in Suburban Toronto, Canada (7/5/17)

Sappy County, Nebraska Uber Driver Allegedly Threatened Passenger Who Wouldn’t Date Him (7/3/17)

Kansas City, Missouri Woman Sues Uber For Negligence After Driver Allegedly Raped Her (6/28/17)

Uber Driver in Perth, Australia Allegedly Molested Passenger (6/27/17)

Gainesville, Florida Uber Driver Diverts Ride, Gropes Woman: Police (6/26/17)

Los Angeles, California Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Passenger (6/26/17)

Los Angeles, California Customer Sues After Uber Driver Allegedly Stuck Hand Up Her Dress (6/22/17)

Allentown, Pennsylvania Uber, Lyft Driver Offered Minor Money And Rides For Sex, Cops Say (6/21/17)

Los Angeles, California Lyft Driver Dropped Pants, Says Passenger (6/19/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman In Detroit, Michigan (6/13/17)

Uber Driver Arrested In Sexual Battery Of Passenger In Moraga, California (6/6/17)

Naples, Florida Woman Claims She Was Raped By Uber Driver (6/2/17)

Uber, Lyft driver stalked Hazlet, New Jersey teen, police say (5/25/17)

Police Identify Uber Driver Wanted in Connection With Sexual Assault of University Student in Riverside, California (5/24/17)

Toronto Uber driver charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement (5/23/17)

Florida Uber driver arrested after sexually assaulting 14-year-old passenger: Police (5/12/17)

Palm Beach County, Florida Uber driver accused of kidnapping, sexual battery and burglary (5/9/17)

University of Kentucky Police Department: Student Reports Sexual Abuse on Campus by Uber Driver (4/27/17)

Uber driver in Orange County, California charged with raping his passenger (4/26/17)

Newton, Massachusetts Uber Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Female Passenger (4/25/17)

Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting passenger in Akron, Ohio turns himself in (4/12/17)

Everett, Massachusetts Lyft driver accused of sexually assaulting developmentally-delayed passenger (3/20/17)

New Dehli Uber driver harasses woman rider; investigation on (3/16/17)

Uber driver suspended, investigated for making advances on women in Greenville, North Carolina (3/15/17)

Uber driver charged with raping passenger in Virginia Beach (3/7/17)

Minnesota Woman: After I Rebuffed My Uber Driver’s Advances, He Tried to Rape Me (2/25/17)

Toronto Police make arrest in alleged sexual assault of woman by Uber driver (2/14/17)

Lyft driver accused of raping woman on ride home, Atlanta, Georgia (1/27/17)

Lyft sued by Westwood, California woman over allegations of driver sexual assault (1/19/17)

San Antonio, Texas Uber Driver Accused of Raping 22-Year-Old Woman (1/16/17)

London Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Passenger (12/19/16)

Former Uber Driver Charged With Sexually Assaulting Passenger in Houston, Texas (12/9/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Melbourne, Australia Over Alleged Sexual Assault (12/5/16)

Sacramento, California Uber Driver Under Investigation After Woman’s ‘Creepy’ Ride (11/24/16)

Woman Claims Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her, Ross, Pennsylvania Police Investigating (11/23/16)

Dallas, Texas Woman says Lyft Driver Threatened, Harassed Her (11/16/16)

Ohio Woman Says Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her Inside Her Home: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter (11/9/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girl in Laguna Beach, California (11/8/16)

Uber Just Settled a Huge Sexual-Assault Lawsuit in California (11/4/16)

Palo Alto, California Police Arrest Uber Driver on Suspicion of Sexual Battery, Stalking (11/1/16)

Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger in Miami-Dade County, Florida (10/20/16)

Uber Says It’s Helping New Jersey Police After Driver Charged in Sex Attack (10/19/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Girl near Ceresville, Maryland (10/19/16)

YouTube Personality Alleges Toronto Uber Driver Demanded Blowjob for Payment (10/19/16)

Paterson, New Jersey Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Passenger Was Driving for Uber, Company Confirms (10/19/16)

College Park, Maryland Uber Driver Convicted of Raping Female Passenger, Faces 20 Years in Prison (10/18/16)

Dallas, Texas Woman Says Uber Driver Sexted Her During Ride (10/7/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Harassing Women in Shippensburg Township, Pennsylvania (10/6/16)

Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Woman After Turning Off Ride Sharing App, Sydney, Australia (10/5/16)

Davis Police Searching For California Man Who Posed As Uber Driver, Demanded Kiss As Payment (10/3/16)

New Alleged Sexual Assault Involving Uber Driver Under Investigation in San Antonio, Texas (9/30/16)

Lyft Driver Arrested, Accused of Raping Customer in Orange County, Florida (9/29/16)

New York Man Claims Uber Laughed at Him When He Tried to Report Sexual Assault (9/23/16)

Former Uber, Lyft Driver Charged with Assaulting Passengers in Escondido, California (9/22/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault of Passenger on Sydney, Australia’s North Shore (9/20/16)

Woman Claimed she was Raped by Uber Driver on Way Home from Night Out, Manchester, England (9/2/16)

Police: Uber Driver Exposed Himself to Women in Malden and Everett, Massachusetts (8/29/16)

Student says she was Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (8/23/16)

Two Women Take to Facebook Against Harassment by Uber Drivers, One Held in Mumbai (8/20/16)

Local Uber Driver Arrested for Raping Women in Boynton Beach, Florida (8/19/16)

Atlanta, Georgia Woman Leaving Buckhead Bar Says Uber Driver Raped Her (8/16/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Rape in Everett Massachusetts (8/11/16)

St. Louis, Missouri Rape Investigation Delayed by Uber’s ‘Technical Obstacles’ (8/7/16)

‘I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore’: Los Angeles, California Woman Claims Uber Driver Lunged At Her, Shoved Tongue In Mouth (8/5/16)

Uber, LTFRB Investigating Alleged Rape of Passenger in Manila, Philippines (8/2/16)

Quezon City, Philippines Uber Driver who Allegedly Raped Female Passenger has a Girlfriend, still Demanded Payment for Uber Ride (8/1/16)

Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault in Palo Alto, California (7/23/16)

West Hollywood, California Woman Sues Uber for Negligence after Being Raped by Driver (7/22/16)

Kolkata, India: What this Woman Did after Uber Driver Threatened to Rape her will Leave you Shocked! (7/16/16)

Police Warn Users after Alleged Uber Rape, Sandton, South Africa (7/16/16)

Chicago Uber Driver Charged in Sexual Assault of Intoxicated Passenger (7/15/16)

Uber Driver Arrested after Attempting to Rape a Passenger in India (7/8/16)

Massachusetts Uber Driver Accused of Harassing, Groping Female Passenger (7/6/16)

Uber Driver Faces Charges of Sex Assault on Woman in Orlando, Florida (6/29/16)

Uber Driver Charged Following Sexual Assault of Boy in Oshawa, Canada: Police (6/15/16)

Woman Says Uber Driver Molested Her in Utah (6/9/16)

Uber Drivers Accused of 32 Rapes and Sex Attacks on London Passengers Over the Past Year (5/19/16)

Mexico City Uber Driver Arrested for Allegedly Raping and Robbing Passenger (5/9/16)

Woman Claims Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her During Ride to North Salt Lake City (5/4/16)

Seattle Uber, Lyft Drivers Investigated for Sexual Assault (4/28/16)

Toronto Uber Driver Charged With Sexual Assault (4/27/16)

Honolulu Uber Driver Arrested and Charged with Sex Assault (4/20/16)

PolitiFact: In Uber fight, statistics get twisted like a bad wreck (4/15/16)

Raleigh, NC Uber Driver Arrested and Charged with Sexual Battery (4/1/16)

San Diego Uber Driver Charged with Rape of an Intoxicated Person, Faces 8 Years in Prison (3/30/16)

Two East Lansing, Michigan, Uber Drivers Charged with Criminal Sexual Assault (3/18/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Felony Forcible Rape and Two Other Felony Sex-Related Offenses Against Passenger in Orange County, California (3/17/16)

Guleph, Ontario, Uber driver charged with sexual assault (3/14/16)

Grand jury indicts Murfreesboro, TN, Uber driver on two counts of aggravated rape and two counts of rape (3/14/16)

Seattle-area Lyft and Uber driver accused of trying to sexually assault a passenger charged with attempted rape (3/11/16)

Brooklyn Uber Driver Exposes Himself To, Sexually Assaults Passenger (2/29/16)

Woman in Henry County, GA, Accuses Uber Driver of Attacking, Groping Her (2/29/16)

Police Say 2 Students At Michigan State University Have Been Sexually Assaulted by a Rideshare Driver (2/26/16)

Perth, Canada Uber Driver in Court over Alleged Indecent Assault of Female Passenger (2/25/16)

University of North Florida Student Files Suit for Battery After Alleging Her Lyft Driver Groped Her (2/12/16)

Uber Driver Arrested for Allegedly Molesting Journalist in Delhi, India (1/22/16)

Lyft Passenger in Jacksonville, FL, Granted Temporary Injunction to Protect Her From Stalking By Driver Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her (1/18/16)

Uber Passenger Sues Driver for Sexual Assaulted and Battery,  False Imprisonment, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligence in Los Angeles (1/18/16)

Uber Driver Indicted for One Count of Rape, Two Counts of Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Over 14 and One Count of Assault to Rape on Cape Cod (1/8/16)

Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Athens, GA, Customer in Burglary of Her Home, Police Say (1/7/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Connection with Scottsdale, AZ, Sexual Assault Against Teen Passenger (1/1/16)

Dozens of Students Accuse Uber Driver of Harassment, Intimidation in Geuleph, Canada (11/26/15)

Kansas City, MO, Police Report 7 Sexual Assaults by Ride-hailing Drivers Since 2014 (11/23/15)

Los Angeles Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Battery after Allegedly Groping USC Student (11/22/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Passenger in Denver, CO (11/19/15)

Lyft Driver Held at $1 Million Bond After Allegedly Raping Passenger in Dallas, TX (11/16/15)

Austin, TX Police Investigating 7 Cases of Alleged Sexual Assault by Uber, Lyft Drivers (11/13/15)

British Uber Driver Gets 8 Months in Jail For Sexually Assaulting a Passenger (11/5/15)

San Diego Lawsuit: Lyft Driver Groped Passenger (10/30/15)

‘Ridesharing’ Driver Charged with Allegedly Raping a British Tourist in Sydney, Australia (10/22/15)

Uber Driver Sought for Alleged Sexual Assault in Toronto in June, 2015 (9/25/15)

Toronto Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Passenger in His Vehicle (9/17/15)

Woman in Ohio Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver (9/10/15)

Uber Driver in New Jersey Accused of Raping a Female Customer (8/28/15)

An Uber Driver in China Charged with Robbery and Rape (8/26/15)

Philadelphia Uber Driver Accused of Rape in June Loses Bail Request (8/12/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping and Raping a Female Passenger in South Carolina (8/12/15)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Battery in Virginia (8/6/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault in Dallas (8/1/15)

Uber Driver Allegedly Caught Masturbating In Front of Female Passenger in India (7/22/15)

Uber Driver Linked by DNA Evidence, Witness Accounts to Five Other Sexual Assaults in Boston between 2006 and 2010 (7/14/15)

Uber Driver in Chicago Allegedly Exposes Himself to a Female Passenger, Uber Admits He Should Have Failed Background Check (6/26/15)

Virginia Mother Alleges Uber Driver Molested Her 13-year-old Daughter (6/16/15)

Lyft Driver in Seattle Allegedly Drags Customer Behind Car After Demanding Sex (6/5/15)

Uber Driver in New Jersey Fondles Himself in Backseat with Female Passenger (6/3/15)

Uber New Delhi Molestation Case: Uber Cab Driver Suspended After He Molested Female Passenger in Gurgaon (6/1/15)

Mississauga, Canada, Uber driver is facing a charge of sexual assault after allegedly assaulting a female passenger (5/20/15)

University of Southern California Student Says Uber Driver Raped Her After Party (5/1/15)

New York Woman Says Uber Driver Grabbed, Assaulted Her (4/30/15)

Wisconsin Woman Tells Police Uber Driver Inappropriately Touched Her (4/27/15)

Houston Uber Driver Accused of Rape Started Work After 14 Years in Federal Prison (4/7/15)

Uber Driver Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges in Paris (3/25/15)

Philadelphia Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped by an UberX Driver (3/24/15)

Uber Driver Tried to Rape Seattle, Washington-Area Passenger (3/11/15)

Uber Driver Investigated After Alleged Sexual Assault in Mar Vista, California (2/3/15)

Chicago Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault, Unlawful Restraint and kidnapping of 21-year-old male passenger (1/14/15)

Uber Driver Arrested Over Alleged Sexual Assault in Melbourne, Australia (1/10/15)

London Uber Driver Asks Rider for Oral Sex (12/11/14)

Uber Driver in India Accused of Rape (12/8/14)

Orlando Uber Passenger Allegedly Touched by Uber Driver (9/25/14)

Three San Francisco Women Say Uber Driver Sexually Harassed Them (9/25/14)

DC Uber Driver Accused of Molesting Rider (7/28/14)

Uber Driver Charged with Fondling Passenger in Chicago (4/10/14)

New York-based Journalist Sexually Harassed and Stalked by Uber Driver (3/28/14)

DC Uber Driver Arrested for Alleged Rape but Not Charged Despite Strong Evidence (9/14/13)

“Rideshare” Driver Sends Seemingly Endless Amount of Creepy Text Messages to Rider (7/16/13)


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