There have been numerous taxi associations and groups formed and collapsed over the years. Mainly because while some drivers are passionate and motivated to get things done, the hard reality is it is very difficult to get a group of taxi / limo drivers together for a meeting.

This website was formed to provide platform for drivers to discuss their ideas, concerns and share information.  It is open to all professional taxi and limo drivers.  This site is willing to work with and assist existing associations and groups and give them their own forum of they so desire.

There needs to be a unifying platform where all drivers can communicate with each other to share ideas, organize and ring the alarm when there is a concern.  We cannot just all sit back and hope that someone else does something, or simply complain and do nothing when issues affect our industry. The goal is bringing everyone together so that we can work together for our common interests and to protect our industry.

Please support this endeavour by logging in and contributing as much or as little as you want. The important thing is that we connect so that we are all connected.



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