To create awareness to this website while addressing concerns of the average driver.  The following poster was put up in the airport driver kiosk:

Only to be met immediately with this response:

Evidently the writer did not even look into the forums to find out.  Because if they did they would have seen this:

This website was designed for the driver.  The articles on the face of this website are public.  The forums in this website are for the drivers only.

So while a group of cab drivers complain at one taxi stand or at the airport kiosk to each other, no one does anything to address issues and try to reach everyone together.  This is what this website is for.

This website does not seek to replace or start a union, association or assist any broker or company for their own agenda.  This website is solely for the drivers.

It provides a platform for information exchanging and communication to and for the driver community.  If all drivers utilize this platform and the forums we can share and exchange information with each other.   You can utilize the forums to rent your roof light, sell your car.  When you have a problem or an issue you can use the forum to ask questions and get feedback from other drivers.  Sharing our combined experience and expertise to the driver community.  All within private forum exclusively for the drivers only.

As the forum increases its driver membership and is actively used it will gradually become a source of information drivers go to for information.  This gives us a meeting place that transcends all companies, districts, cab stands.  Drivers can login and participate on their own time.  When it comes time that Uber lobbies Halifax to move in… with this forum we will have a meeting place to address concerning matters and mobilize action.

So instead of having the attitude of the person who writes the note above and pins it on the poster.  Don’t be your typical complainer talking to a wall…  REGISTER, login and use this forum so we are all united and get work together.



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