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      Why one accessible taxi driver is considering parking his van

      BY ERICA BUTLER Siavash Merati is one of 39 licensed accessible taxi drivers in Halifax, but he’s considering turning in his accessible licence in the coming months. Since Halifax hit a peak of 57 accessible...

      Halifax Seeks Public Opinion on Taxi Service

      Halifax Regional Council asked staff to undertake a review of the taxi and limousine vehicle for hire industry in the municipality. The consultants report will be ready for Council's consideration this fall. The Transportation...

      Ride-hailing, taxi bylaw moves ahead in Saskatoon

      Councillors want mandatory criminal records checks for all drivers, city-issued decals for ride sharing cars CBC News · Posted: Jul 24, 2018 12:11 PM CT | Last Updated: July 24 Saskatoon city council has asked for...

      Angry Uber Driver Rips Company: Says Uber Is Deplorable

      https://youtu.be/N2hRS-vM6Ms https://youtu.be/lr2WQHwxjjQ

      Reality and Risks of Uber

      There is obviously a problem with Uber because there are a growing number of  cities and countries have enacted legislation to ban or remove Uber.  Read Why Is...

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