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      Uber and taxi industry give competing visions of the future to B.C. MLAs

      'Not here to defend the current situation' says taxi spokesperson, but argues industry can reform itself The Canadian Press · Posted: Jan 08, 2018 9:15 PM PT | Last Updated: January 9 The Uber app is...

      Drivers Voice Seeks to Unite Drivers

      There have been numerous taxi associations and groups formed and collapsed over the years. Mainly because while some drivers are passionate and motivated to get things done, the hard reality is it is very...

      Spanish taxis block roads in ‘anti-Uber’ protest

      Taxi drivers across Spain have joined a strike against ride-hailing companies like Uber, demanding the government restrict their numbers. The striking taxi drivers, some of whom have been camping out for days, say the services...

      Halifax city staff to create feasibility report on female-only taxi drivers

      A Halifax woman has officially presented her platform on why she feels the Halifax Regional Municipality needs a new taxi license category for female drivers. “I’m the voice of the people and I’m here to...

      Drivers Login

      To create awareness to this website while addressing concerns of the average driver.  The following poster was put up in the airport driver kiosk: Only to be met immediately with this response: Evidently the writer did...

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