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      Halifax Seeks Public Opinion on Taxi Service

      Halifax Regional Council asked staff to undertake a review of the taxi and limousine vehicle for hire industry in the municipality. The consultants report will be ready for Council's consideration this fall. The Transportation...
      Uber fails background checks

      Ride-hail drivers failing checks in Mass.

      15 percent — 30,000 drivers — rejected last year after background screenings BOSTON — More than 15 percent of potential ride-hail drivers last year — more than 30,000 applicants –...

      Uber driver convicted of raping female passenger, faces 20 years in prison

      By Keith L. AlexanderAugust 10 The surveillance video at a Maryland motel parking lot shows a man lifting a woman from the back of his Uber, hoisting her limp body so her feet don’t touch...

      Call in to the Rick Howe Show

      A caller on the Rick Howe Show on Radio 95.7 makes several points on why Uber would have a devastating affect on the taxi industry. Rick Howe Uber Call in  

      Drivers Login

      To create awareness to this website while addressing concerns of the average driver.  The following poster was put up in the airport driver kiosk: Only to be met immediately with this response: Evidently the writer did...
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