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      Halifax Seeks Public Opinion on Taxi Service

      Halifax Regional Council asked staff to undertake a review of the taxi and limousine vehicle for hire industry in the municipality. The consultants report will be ready for Council's consideration this fall. The Transportation...

      No easy ride for ride-hailing in BC as province delays implementation again

      BC is looking to increase the number of taxis on the road as people continue to wait for ride-hailing service According to the province, youll have to wait until at least the fall of 2019...

      Drivers Voice Seeks to Unite Drivers

      There have been numerous taxi associations and groups formed and collapsed over the years. Mainly because while some drivers are passionate and motivated to get things done, the hard reality is it is very...

      Driven to Despair

      On a Monday morning in early February, Neil Weiss sat at his kitchen table in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, nursing a cup of coffee while checking messages on his iPad. A text had arrived at...

      Woman says she was stalked by Uber driver

      Uber’s advertisements have long promised women that they are the “safe ride home.” That wasn’t the case for Hannah Crossgrove. She spoke to CBC’s The Fifth Estate about a driver who showed up at...
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