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      Halifax taxi driver rescues young woman from assault

      Published Saturday, March 25, 2017 1:56PM EDT Halifax Regional Police have charged a man with assault, after a taxi driver came to a young woman’s rescue following an alleged attack in the city’s south...

      Spanish taxis block roads in ‘anti-Uber’ protest

      Taxi drivers across Spain have joined a strike against ride-hailing companies like Uber, demanding the government restrict their numbers. The striking taxi drivers, some of whom have been camping out for days, say the services...

      Uber driver speaks to an Uber employee

      An eye opening conversation from from an Uber driver to an Uber employee on how his job with Uber hangs on the whims of passengers.  A professional limo driver who has resorted to Uber...

      Taxi drivers urge review board not to raise cab insurance

      'It's going to hurt me. Even now, as it is, business is pretty shaky' Shaina Luck · CBC News · Posted: Jun 29, 2018 3:00 PM AT | Last Updated: June 29 Cab drivers Jean-Paul Gallant,...

      Angry Uber Driver Rips Company: Says Uber Is Deplorable

      https://youtu.be/N2hRS-vM6Ms https://youtu.be/lr2WQHwxjjQ

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