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      Mandatory dashcams for Halifax taxi drivers would help keep everyone safe: driver

      One Halifax cab driver says making dashcams a mandatory item for vehicles could help improve safety, for both drivers and passengers. This weekend, police charged a taxi driver with sexual assault after a woman reported...

      New York Taxi Workers Defeat Uber and Lyft with Landmark Legislation

      FACES ON THE FRONTLINES New York Taxi Workers Defeat Uber and Lyft with Landmark Legislation Ride-hailing companies and their corporate lobby were no match for the commitment of the city's cab driver union. AUGUST 20, 2018 by Negin...

      The Push is On for Uber

      A concerned driver in the efforts to protect the industry he works in created Driver's Voice. The idea is to provide a platform of communication that is open only to licensed professional Taxi and Limo...

      Uber driver speaks to an Uber employee

      An eye opening conversation from from an Uber driver to an Uber employee on how his job with Uber hangs on the whims of passengers.  A professional limo driver who has resorted to Uber...

      Woman says she was stalked by Uber driver

      Uber’s advertisements have long promised women that they are the “safe ride home.” That wasn’t the case for Hannah Crossgrove. She spoke to CBC’s The Fifth Estate about a driver who showed up at...

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