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      Taxi Medallions, Once a Safe Investment, Now Drag Owners Into Debt

      By Winnie Hu Sept. 10, 2017417 Owning a yellow cab has left Issa Isac in deep debt and facing a precarious future. It was not supposed to turn out this way when Mr. Isac slid behind the...

      Uber and taxi industry give competing visions of the future to B.C. MLAs

      'Not here to defend the current situation' says taxi spokesperson, but argues industry can reform itself The Canadian Press · Posted: Jan 08, 2018 9:15 PM PT | Last Updated: January 9 The Uber app is...

      Letting Uber Break The Law Legalizes The Underground Economy

      The real threat of Uber goes well beyond taxis and how we hail a cab. It goes to basic respect for the laws of the land, the willingness or ability of governments to enforce those...

      Uber driver facing impaired driving charges


      The Push is On for Uber

      A concerned driver in the efforts to protect the industry he works in created Driver's Voice. The idea is to provide a platform of communication that is open only to licensed professional Taxi and Limo...

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