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      Quebec Taxi drivers to receive compensation packages worth up to $45,700 each

      https://youtu.be/brIhitQ0MUw The payout, part of $250 million in aid announced by the government in March, represents about 56 per cent of what permit owners have lost. RENÉ BRUEMMER, MONTREAL GAZETTE Updated: August 17, 2018 Quebec will compensate cab...

      Police lay more charges against man accused of posing as Uber driver

      This is Why it is necessary to protect the public with marked taxis - Drivers Voice Ottawa police have laid more charges against a man accused of posing as an Uber driver to sexually assault...

      Uber driver speaks to an Uber employee

      An eye opening conversation from from an Uber driver to an Uber employee on how his job with Uber hangs on the whims of passengers.  A professional limo driver who has resorted to Uber...

      Keep Uber Out

      Except from KEEP UBER OUT OCTOBER 2, 2018 BY TIM BOUSQUET There’s been a renewed push for allowing Uber to operate in Halifax. The pressure began to amp up in August after Corporate Research Associates (CRA) published...

      Mandatory dashcams for Halifax taxi drivers would help keep everyone safe: driver

      One Halifax cab driver says making dashcams a mandatory item for vehicles could help improve safety, for both drivers and passengers. This weekend, police charged a taxi driver with sexual assault after a woman reported...
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