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      The Push is On for Uber

      A concerned driver in the efforts to protect the industry he works in created Driver's Voice. The idea is to provide a platform of communication that is open only to licensed professional Taxi and Limo...

      Taxi group offers passenger safety tips as sex assault case reverberates

      'It’s such a blow to our industry and to our reputations,' says Halifax taxi group president by Sherri Borden Colley · CBC News · Posted: Mar 04, 2017 In light of Halifax taxi driver Bassam Al-Rawi's acquittal...

      Security footage appears to show Uber Eats driver stealing from restaurant’s tip jar

      The popular BBQ joint has been using Uber Eats for around a month before the incident occurred. Video footage of Boneheads BBQ appears to show an Uber Eats driver reaching into the employee tip jar,...

      Most Haligonians would be okay with a service like Uber operating in HRM

      According to a new poll, there is majority support for online transportation and ride sourcing services in the four biggest Maritime communities According to a new poll, there is majority support for online transportation and...

      Driven to Despair

      On a Monday morning in early February, Neil Weiss sat at his kitchen table in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, nursing a cup of coffee while checking messages on his iPad. A text had arrived at...
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